Hansen Norma White Cable Tie

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Hansen Norma White Cable Tie

Available in White in pack sizes of 25 or 100 

Size Measurements Pack Size
CT75/2.2NT 75mm x 2.2mm 100
CT98/2.5NT 98mm x 2.5mm 100
CT140/3.6NT 140mm x 3.6mm 100
CT200/3.6NT 200mm x 3.6mm 100
CT200/4.8NT 200mm x 4.8mm 100
CT180/7.8NT 180mm x 7.8mm 25
CT290/3.6NT 290mm x 3.6mm 100
CT250/4.8NT 250mm x 4.8mm 100
CT240/7.8NT 240mm x 7.8mm 25
CT290/4.8NT 290mm x 4.8mm 100
CT300/7.8NT 300mm x 7.8mm 25
CT365/7.8NT 365mm x 7.8mm 25
CT390/4.8NT 390mm x 4.8mm 25
CT430/4.8NT 430mm x 4.8mm 25
CT450/7.8NT 450mm x 7.8mm 25

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