Hansen Slo-Flo Rain Relief Valve Spare Components

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Hansen Slo-Flo Rain Relief Valve Spare Components

Spare Components for Hansen Slo-Flo Valve Components


Item Description
HRRSFBODY 25mm Valve Body
HMFDIA 25mm Rain Relief Diaphragm with s/steel spring 
HRRNUTG Rain Relief Valve Body Cap Nut 
HRRLP RR Locking Plunger 
HRRSFCAPSS RR Sloflo Cap Assembly 
HLVPHASS Leveller Plun, House Assembly 
HRRSFFR Rain Relief Sloflo Flow Restrictor
HRRSOA Rain Relief Sloflo Outlet Adaptor
HRRARMASS Rain Relief Arm Assembly
HLVPIN40 40mm S/Steel Split Pin
HRRCORD Rain Relief 2.5m Cord
HHRRWFLOAT RR Weighted Float 
HRRWC  RR Weight and carrier 

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