Hansen Threaded Reducing Bush

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Hansen Threaded Reducing Bush  

Hansen Reducing Bush – Used to reduce the size of female threads.

The Hansen Reducing Bush is ideal for any situation where a reliable threaded connection is necessary.

Fittings Code Metric (BSP)
15x6mm Reducing Bush HRB1506 15x6mm
15x8mm Reducing Bush HRB1508 15x8mm
15x10mm Reducing Bush HRB1510 15x10mm
20x8mm Reducing Bush HRB2008 20x8mm
20x10mm Reducing Bush HRB2010 20x10mm
20x15mm Reducing Bush HRB2015 20x15mm
25x08mm Reducing Bush HRB2508 25x08mm
25x15mm Reducing Bush HRB2515 25x15mm
25x20mm Reducing Bush HRB2520 25x20mm
32x20mm Reducing Bush HRB3220 32x20mm
32x25mm Reducing Bush HRB3225 32x25mm
40x20mm Reducing Bush HRB4020 40x20mm
40x25mm Reducing Bush HRB4025 40x25mm
40x32mm Reducing Bush HRB4032 40x32mm
50x20mm Reducing Bush HRB5020 50x20mm
50x25mm Reducing Bush HRB5025 50x25mm
50x32mm Reducing Bush HRB5032 50x32mm
50x40mm Reducing Bush HRB5040 50x40mm
65x32mm Reducing Bush HRB6532 65x32mm
65x40mm Reducing Bush HRB6540 65x40mm
65x50mm Reducing Bush HRB6550 65x50mm
80x40mm Reducing Bush HRB8040 80x40mm
80x50mm Reducing Bush HRB8050 80x50mm
80x65mm Reducing Bush HRB8065 80x65mm
100x50mm Reducing Bush HRB10050 100x50mm
100x65mm Reducing Bush HRB10065 100x65mm
100x80mm Reducing Bush HRB10080 100x80mm


  • Precision Heavy Duty Tapered Threads give a Strong Reliable Seal
  • Manufactured from a Raw Material Approved For Use With Potable (drinkable) Water
  • Manufactured from High Quality Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon giving a Weather, Termite, Fungi & Bacteria Resistant
  • Common Applications Include Horticultural, Agricultural, Irrigation, Marine & Plumbing
  • Material strong enough to minimise potential cross threading
  • WRAS - Approval for use with potable (drinkable) water as they will not leach contaminants into the water.
  • Suitable for use above or below ground in varying operating pressures and temperatures
  • Strong, Lightweight and Compact
  • Available in a variety of thread combinations and connections.
  • New Zealand Made

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