Hansen Turbo Sweep

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Hansen Turbo Sweep Washdown Nozzle Pack

Includes Turbo twist washdown nozzle & hose tail adaptors for connection to 32mm and 40mm washdown hose. 


Model Inlet Supplied 
HWDNTSPACK 40mm Kit contains: TT washdown nozzle, 40x40mm & 40x32mm hose tail adaptors


* A Better Way to Wash-test results demonstrate you will save time with a higher and more concentrated flow, delivering 20% more cleaning power in comparison to other products*
* Easy Turn Action & Built in Click - Allows for control of flow, with the clever reverse click and prevents turning on if dropped
* Quality Guaranteed - Covered by Hansen’s Limited Lifetime Warranty means you can buy with confidence.
* Easy Turn Action & Built in Click - Allows for control of flow, with the clever reverse click and prevents turning on if dropped
* Handles hard knocks, absorbs shock and gives maximum resistance when dropped on hard surfaces
* Hard wearing materials, industrial strength materials for a long life
* Turbo charged jet power delivers maximum cleaning power with concentrated flow
* Ideal for yard washing, high pressure washing, meat works, factories and marine
* Easy grip body provides excellent grip when working with wet hands
* Large 40mm inlet provides maximum flow potential for fast and effective washdowns
* Multiple connection options available in a range of versatile connection styles for 32mm & 40mm washdown hose and male or female threaded end connections
* Ultimate Swivel means no more annoying hose twists
* Custom male & female threaded end swivel connection
* No more cut hands, broken or rusty clamps
* Basic style male hose adaptors for easy connection

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