Hansen Washdown Nozzle Accessories

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Hansen Washdown Nozzle Accessories Only  

Easy Clamp

Replaces dangerous metal clamps with a safe hose clamp that prevents nasty cuts, Available for 32mm or 40mm washdown hose.  

Code Metric
HWDC40 40mm
HWDC32 32mm


Ultimate Swivel Hose Tail 

Helps prevent hose twists at nozzle, in line or at the hose connection point. Available in 32mm or 40mm Hose Tail 

Code Metric
HWDSHT5040 50mm x 40mm
HWDSHT5032 50mm x 32mm


Ultimate Swivel Male BSPT

Threaded swivel for custom applications requiring a swiveled connection. 

Code Metric
HWDSM5040 50 x 40mm
HWDSM5032 50 x 32mm


Washdown Hose Tail 

40mm BSP thread with 32mm or 40mm hose end tail 

Code Metric
HWDHT4040 40mm x 40mm 
HWDHT4032 40mm x 32mm

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