TSGAC-10: 10" Lime/Scale and Carbon Cartridge

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Lime/Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor with Taste & Odour Reduction

Scaling & corrosion are the result of lime (hard water) and iron reacting with metal in pipes and equipment, forming a solid (scale or rust). Polyphosphate solves this problem by holding these contaminants in suspension. While it does not actually remove the calcium, magnesium or iron, it does stop it forming scale deposits on pipe linings and heating elements.Activated carbon removes organics, pesticides, tastes and odours.


* Capacity : 6,500 litres or 6 months
* Polyphoshate Hardness Sequester 
* Food Grade molecular dehydrated hexametaphosphate, with Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)

Note: After water has evaporated away, calcium and magnesium concentrations will be left behind creating visible white streaks; especially on glassware, windows and washed vehicles. Full water softening units are required to REMOVE the concentrations from the water.


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