HCS40/200 Series Irrigation and Washdown Pumps

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HCS40/200 Series Irrigation and Washdown Pumps

Model Specifications:

* Power: 5.5kW/7.5HP
* Max Head: 35m
* Max Flow Rate: 50 m3/h (830 LPM)
* Inlet: 65mm
* Outlet: 40mm

* Power: 7.5kW/10HP
* Max Head: 52m
* Max Flow Rate: 50 m3/h (830 LPM)
* Inlet: 65mm
* Outlet: 40mm 

Technical Data:

*DN: 32-80mm
*Flow rate: up to 250 m3/h
*Head : up to 100m
*Media Temp: -20℃ to +120℃
*System Pressure: Max. 12 bar (PN12) 


Inlet/outlet DN comply with requirements of Standard EN 733 (DIN 24255) and UNI 7467 Flanges in compliance with UNI 2236 and DIN 2532 Single-impeller centrifugal pump featuring axial intake and radial discharge. High efficient and energy saving Wide operation range Compact structure Wide application range

Back Pull-out Facility:

All pumps incorporate the “back pull out” facility allowing the remove of the complete rotating element without disturbing the pipework. This features enables quick and simple maintenance to take place.


Many of the components are interchangeable, this features resulting in a reduction in spares requirements, and an initial cost saving. 

Excellent Bearing Housing Design:

Incorporated with lifting eye to simplify removal of the rotating element during maintenance, “safe guards” are installed to prevent rotating shaft from human reach while in operation. 

Main materials:

*Volute Casing: Cast iron
*Pump Cover: Cast Iron
*Shaft:  stainless steel
*Impeller: Stainless steel
*Shaft seal: Mechanical Seal


Regional heating, community heating, central air conditioning, cooling system, industry water supply, washing system, boosting system.

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