Johnson Heavy Duty Bilge Pump L1600

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Johnson Heavy Duty Bilge Pump L1600

SPX Johnson Bilge Pumps are an ideal high performance, heavy duty pump designed to meet the tough demands of commercial and recreational duty. The L1600 may be automatically controlled with either an automatic switch AS888 or an electronic float switch or the new Ultima Switch. CE-approved


* Max Head: 4.5m
* Max Flowrate: 100 L/min
* Connection port: 1x⅛" & 1x¼"
* Diameter: 108mm
* Height: 150mm
* Weight: 1.3kg


* Heavy duty, 12-pole double ball bearing motor
* Liquid cooled for extended motor life
* Quality engineered mechanical/lip seal
* ISO 8849 Marine and CE standards
* Easily interchangeable with most similar bilge pumps

Design Features: 

* Pump body:  Thermoplastic
* Shaft seal: Lip seal 
* Shaft: Stainless steel (SS2343)
* Voltage: 12 V or 24 V DC
* Hose size: 1⅛"
* L1600 Amperage Fuse
      12V 7 amp  10 amp  
      24V 3.5 amp  6 amp

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