Hi-Flo JH40011 Submersible Pump with Internal Float Switch - 400 Watt

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Hi-Flo JH40011 Submersible Pump with Internal Float Switch


the Hi-Flo JH-400-11 pump is suited to all de-watering tasks including pumping out sumps, swimming pools, flooded areas and drawing water from wells..
This pump has an internal float switch which will not foul and allows for installation in small sumps (min size 260mm x 160mm x 330mm deep).

It has a switch which allows you to select Automatic or Manual mode. When switched to Automatic mode the pump will start when water level reaches 150mm and turn off when water level drops to 70mm. When switched to manual mode, the pump will run continuously until power to the pump is turned off. In this mode the scavenger type base allows pumping down to 5mm.


*Power: 400 Watt
*230v. Single Phase
*Max Flow rate: 115 Litres per minute
*Max Delivery height: 8 metres
*Max Immersion depth: 7 metres
*Flow at 2 metres 110 lpm
*Flow at 4 metres 75 lpm
*Flow at 6 metres 45 lpm
*Foreign body size up to 5mm
*Comes with Non Return Flap Valve 
*Liquid Temperature: 0-40 Degrees 


*Light weight
*Easy to use
*Can pump solids up to 5mm in diameter
*Internal Float switch for run-dry protection
*10 Metre electrical cord with std. NZ 3 pin Plug
*1" & 1¼ stepped outlet hose fitting - 25mm & 32mm Hose
*Can pump down to 5mm from bottom of sump on manual mode.


*Drainage pump
*Clean Water applications 
*Pool & Spa
*Water Transfer 

Not suitable for ponds, fountains, sewage/effluent or biotreatment systems
Suitable for intermittent use only. Not recommended for permanent installation

12 months warranty

JH40011 Brochure

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