Trevoli UPA 15-10 Hot Water Pressure Booster Pump

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Hot Water Pressure Booster Pump  Trevoli UPA 15-10


The Trevoli UPA 15-10 is a small stainless steel circulator pump, designed for water pressure boosting in domestic properties to provide additional pressure to hot and cold water taps and similar outlet points.


Suitable for liquid transfer in pressure boosting systems, such as Domestic water supply systems and solar.
Developed for domestic use in homes where inconsistent or low hotwater pressures cause problems, especially in bathrooms and laundries. These extremely quiet pumps have particular application in homes equipped with gravity fed hot water system, or simply in situations where low water pressure is experienced.

The UPA15-10 hot water booster pump can be easily installed to new pipework or existing pipework. The pump increases the water pressure so that the flow rate is comfortably high in showers, taps and any other domestic water outlets. A built-in flow switch starts and stops the pump when the tap is turned on and off- (low flow actuated 2.5-3.0 lpm at 2M Head)

When used to boost hot water, the pump will assist in minimising the often annoying change of shower water temperature when someone else at home uses another hot water outlet. Furthermore, there is much less waiting time for hot water to appear in the shower or other water outlet when the hot tap is turned on.


* Power -150W
220 - 240V with standard 3 pin plug
Max Flow rate: 45 L/m
Max discharge head: 10 metres
* Max Pressure: 14 PSI
Inlet/Outlet sizes: 20mm / ¾"
Non Return Valve-15mm

Technical Specifications:

Max Fluid temperature range 0 - 70 Deg C
Max casing pressure: 6 bar
Enclosure class: IP42
Winding insulation: Class B

Typically adds between 65KPA and 90KPA to the existing inlet pressure. The exact amount of pressure added is dependant on the plumbing system, pipe sizes, pipe length etc.


* Very quiet operation
* Low power consumption
* Pump Body- Stainless Steel
* Stainless steel rotor can with ceramic shaft & Seal
* Comes with two Brass Unions (20mm/15mm)
* Comes with ½ inch brass non-return valve and nipple

1 Year Warranty


PDF IconClick here to display the Trevoli UPA Hot Water Booster Data Sheet

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