HydraShield Rainwater Tank Test Strips - 10 Pack

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HydraShield Rainwater Tank Test Strips - 10 Pack

Rain Water Tank Test Strips - Pack of 10


* Select your dose
* When using regularly, select the maintenance dose
* When using for the first time, or for smelly/dirty water select the shock dose
* Pour the correct amount from the dose chart into your tank
* After 24 hours of maintenance dose, or 2 hours with shock dose, test with a Hydrashield Test Strip to see if your water is safe to drink.
* If the water is not safe, add another maintenance dose and repeat until your water is safe to drink
* For best results, use with a 1 micron filter or UV system for protection against Protozoa
* Use and test regularly to ensure that your rain water is consistently safe.

  1. Dip into the water sample for 3 seconds
  2. Remove strip, shake off excess and wait 20 seconds
  3. Match to the colour and add more product if below the recommended zone

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