Hydrostorm ECO 3 Speed Pool Pump

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Hydrostorm ECO V 3 Speed Pool Pump


Conventional pool pumps are limited to one set speed. A pool pump is usually sized to cater for the pool’s maximum water flow requirements, which may either be the sand filter’s backwash water flow or to provide sufficient water flow to operate a suction cleaner.

As the speed of a conventional pump cannot be changed, the same maximum water flow is applied across the pool’s various requirements. Equipped with the very latest 3 speed permanent magnet brushless DC motor, Hydrostorm ECO is capable of lowering its motor speed, reducing water flow and lowering its energy consumption.
Equipped with an energy saving Variable 3 speed motor, Hydrostorm ECO-V is capable of lowering its energy usage and reducing its operating noise levels


* Variable brushless DC motor
* Energy savings of up to 82%
* Ultra quiet operation 
* 50mm Ports
* 50mm quick connect barrel unions for UPVC pipe
* Dimensions (L x H x W): 651mm x 340mm x 227mm
* Packaged Weight: 12kg

* Low Speed (1900 rpm):

Pump Total Head (m) Flow Rate (lpm) Motor Input (kW) Amps Noise Level (dBA)
4.3 142 0.32 2.5 63.9
5.6 122 0.32 2.5 64.1
6.9 101 0.32 2.4 63.5

* Medium Speed (2410 rpm):

Pump Total Head (m) Flow Rate (lpm) Motor Input (kW) Amps Noise Level (dBA)
6.8 215 0.62 4.6 67.9
8.5 190 0.61 4.6 68.5
10.0 162 0.61 4.6 68.8

* High Speed (2850 rpm):

Pump Total Head (m) Flow Rate (lpm) Motor Input (kW) Amps Noise Level (dBA)
6.7 288 0.94 7.1 72.3
9.6 255 0.97 7.3 72.7
10.6 223 0.98 7.3 72.2


* Variable 3 speed control panel 
* Permanent magnet brushless 3 speed DC motor
* UV stabilised & corrosion resistant
* Motor protection bracket protects the motor from a leaking mechanical seal

Technical Features: 

* Quick connect barrel unions for UPVC pipe 
* High performance motor  
* IP44 rating 
* Fan cooled
* Thermal overload protection
Strainer basket - capture debris and protects the pumps impeller.

Material Design:

* Motor shaft 303 grade stainless steel. 
* High grade carbon/graphite mechanical seal with 316 stainless steel spring assembly. 
* Stable support base
* Secondary Seal - For extra protection of the pump motor
* Secondary seal drain pipe 
* Hydraulically efficient impeller and diffuser design
* Drain plugs
* Strong single piece glass filled thermoplastic pump body


PDF Icon Click here to display the Waterco Hydrostorm ECO 3 Speed Pool Pump Data Sheet


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