Inline Filter Screen (MESH)

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Inline Filter Screen


In-line filters with a mesh screen strainer are designed to reduce contaminants in water. Housings are made from robust plastic with heavy duty lock ring for simple cartridge release and servicing without requiring tools. The 1 1/2” and 2” housings have two 1/4” male ports and all models have 3/4” male bottom port. The stainless mesh screen has plastic frame for strength and is simple to clean.


Model Inlet/Outlet Filter Element Micron Max Pressure Max Flow Filter Area Design
FST120‑034 3/4" Screen 130 10 Bar  100 LPM 90cm2 Angled
FST120‑100 1" Screen 130 10 Bar 115 LPM 90cm2 Angled
FST120‑112 1 1/2" Screen 130 8 Bar 250 LPM 246cm2 Straight
FST120‑200 2" Screen 130 8 Bar 366 LPM 246cm2 Straight
FSY120‑200 2"  Screen 130 6 Bar  583 LPM 763cm2 Angled 


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