Johnson - DC Driven Flexible Impeller Pump - 48 lpm-12/24v

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Johnson - DC Driven Flexible Impeller Pump - 48 lpm. F4B-19 12/24v

With their high level of flexibility, these pumps are ideally suited for use in boats as bilge and deck wash pumps, fresh water pump & refuelling pumps for oil and diesel. These pumps can be combined with a vacuum switch for automatic operation. Capacities vary from max 14 l/min to 55 l/min, allowing the proper matching of the pump to the application. All motors are heavy duty to provide long service life even under heavy use. Available in 12 or 24 volt

Fully equipped, self-priming multipurpose pump operating on a simple and uncomplicated principle. Ideal for pumping water, oils and chemicals. CE-approved


* Max Head: 14m
* Max Flow: 48 LPM
* Suction Lift: 3m
* 38mm BSP 

Technical Features:

* Oil resistant Impeller
* Self Priming
* Easy Maintenance
* Body: Bronze
* Lip seal 
* Length: 202mm
* Width: 120mm
* Height: 90mm 
* Weight: 3kg

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