Johnson Macerator Pump

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Johnson Macerator Pump

10-24453-04 (12volt)
10-24453-05 (24 Volt)

The TA3P10-19 macerator pump takes care of toilet waste. A rotary cutter shreds waste before it is pumped into or out from the holding tank. The pump should be connected as close as possible to the holding tank discharge outlet or the bowl discharge outlet.

 Note! Use unbleached lavatory paper only.

Technical Features 

* Motor 12/24V DC (with built-in thermal protection)
* Body Phenol Plastic (PF)
* Impeller Nitrile
* Housing Thermoplastic Polyester (PET)
* Shaft Stainless Steel
* Seal Lip Seal
* TA3P10-19
* Length 230 mm
* Width 108 mm
* Height 82 mm
* Weight 1.9 kg


Model Amps Fuse  Flow Rate Inlet Outlet
12v  15A 20A 37 LPM 38mm Hose or BSP 25.4mm
24v 12A 12A 37 LPM 38mmHose or BSP  25.4mm


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