Johnson Multiple Port Shower Sump 12v

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Multiple Port Shower Sump 12V
(Pump & Switch Included)  

This compact shower sump system is designed to meet the higher demands from today’s boating industry where more and more equipment is used. This also includes the fresh water system onboard and involves showers, dish-washing machines, galley sinks, etc. The shower sump turns on/off automatically using our Ultima switch technology and has multiple inlet ports for handling waste water from more than one tapping point.

The check valve on the outlet stops water from flowing back into the tank. The tank has a tight-fitting lid to minimize splashing and odors. To
further aid in cleaning, the system includes an easily removable mesh filter.


* Length & Width 290 x 210 mm – 11.42 x 8.26"
* Max height 145 mm – 5.7"
* Weight 0.9 kg – 2 lbs


* Capacity 1.0 m head (13.6 V/27 V) = 53 l/min - 844 GPH
* Capacity straight (13.6 V/27 V) = 61 l/min - 972 GPH
* Amperage-Fuze Size- Intake connection- Discharge connection
* Multiple Port Shower Sump, 3.4 A 5 A 1x¾", 1x¾" or 1x1" ¾"
* Multiple Port Shower Sump, 2 A 3 A 1x1⅛" or 1x1½" ¾"

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