4 Bar Lay Flat Hose Kit with Camlock fittings 25mm x 20m

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4 Bar Lay Flat Hose Kit with Camlock fittings 25mm x 20m


Layflat hose kit includes:
* 20m x 25mm Layflat
* 1x Type E Aluminium Camlock
* 1x Type C Aluminium Camlock
* 2x Hose Clamp

Ideal for temporary water supply or drainage, for drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation at farms. A capable drainage hose in emergency/flood/disaster situations when large quantities of water must be moved quickly.

Light-medium duty general purpose hose made of synthetic fibers and soft PVC in a continuous/one process production method. It is designed for rather low working pressure-around 2.0kg/cm2. This lightweight and low working pressure hose is especially suitable for temporary water supply or drainage of locations with relatively small differences in elevation.

It assumes the conventional  round appearance when pressure is being passed through it and then returns to its flat shape after use. It does not need drying and can be rolled immediately after use. It is tough and will give many years of service.


* Working Pressure 4 Bar
* Working pressure rated @ 20oC
* Duty: Light
* Inner diameter: 25mm 
* Working Pressure: 4 Bar 


* Construction
* Building sites 
* Water Transfer
* Irrigation


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