Leaf Eater Advanced 80mm/100mm

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Leaf Eater Advanced

The Leaf Eater Advanced is a compact mosquito-proof rain head for small spaces, awkward places and horizontal and vertical downpipes.

Thanks to its compact size and patented swiveling VH Pivot™, the Leaf Eater Advanced can be installed in places where larger rain heads won’t fit. This lets you filter leaves and debris before they enter your downpipes no matter what shape your gutters, eaves and roof may be.

With its stainless steel 955 micron mosquito-proof screen, the Leaf Eater Advanced keeps leaves, debris, mosquitoes, rodents, reptiles and other pests out of your pipes. This reduces sources of contamination in your rain harvesting system, giving you cleaner, clearer water.

In addition to keeping leaves and pests out of your pipes, the Leaf Eater Advanced also sheds the leaves that land on its screen. Together, these features help you collect more rainwater, even at high flow rates during heavy rainfall.


*Patented single screen technology for advanced debris shedding (Clean Shield™)
*Pivot outlet to suit vertical or horizontal (rear outlet) downpipes
*955 Micron stainless steel mesh
*AS/NZS 3500.3:2003 Plumbing and drainage - Stormwater drainage compliant
*Queensland Health Regulations 1996 (Part 8 - Mosquito prevention) compliant


*Prevent leaves and debris entering downpipes
*Reduce maintenance to downpipes
*Ejects leaves while continuing to harvest water
*Compact unit enables installation in tight spaces
*Mosquito proof screen keeps pest out of your rainwater system


Additional Information:

*Installation Guide (Australian model specs)

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