LG Fridge Filter- Ultimate M7 Series

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LG Fridge Filter- Ultimate M7 Series- Internal Horizontal Fridge Filter

Suits LG Refridgerators with long, thin filter inserted horizontally in the fridge 

The M7 Series filter eliminates harmful chemicals and provides better tasting water. This filter does not remove fluoride. This filter adheres to NSF Standards . It is mounted on the inside ceiling of the fridge and utilises a twist and lock design which ensures simple installation with no water tube bending. It also has a patented auto shut-off valve head 
Available in genuine and non-genuine (see dropdown menu)

Replaces/Suitable for: 

The M7251253FR-06-2 fits LG refrigerators and any inline application that uses the M7251253F-06 or M7251242F-06 water filter system. The M7251253FR-06 fridge filter is also compatible with the M7251242FR-06, M7251252FR-06, M7251253-06, M7251253F-06 and M725123F-06. Suitable for LG fridge model numbers GR-L247STSL, GR-P247STL and GR-P247STSL.
ADQ32617703 and the ADQ32617701


This filter is designed with a full flow filter head design for perfect fit to:
*Under sinks

*External refrigerators
*Household coffee/ice machines
*RV/Marine Water Systems
Life Span of up to 6 months 

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