Liftex Drainage Pump Station 150 Litre

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Liftex Drainage Pump Station 150 Litre

Liftex stations are suitable for collecting and lifting rain and waste water from washing machines, sinks and WC's in systems installed at a level lower than the sewer, in locations such as garages and basements.

The 150 litre model is compact and easy to install, making them ideal for civil and residential contexts.

Model Watts HP Max Flow Rate (lpm) Max Head (m) Outlet (mm) Suits Box Size
Trevoli GC-07 550 .7 140 10 32 60,90,150,250
Trevoli BCV-400A 400 .5 300 9 50 90,150,250
Pentax DTR 101 1200 1.6 220 17 40 90,150,250


* Capacity 150L
* 150 litre station Dimensions (mm) 580 x 480 x 660
* Number of pumps possible = 1
* Operation temperature 40°C (90°C short time)
* 1 ½" (40mm) delivery pipe


* Walk-over cover
* O-ring seal between tank and cover
* Simplified inlet, outlet and air venting pipe connections with seal
* Integral lifting handles
* Airtight cable gland allowing easy pump removal for any maintenance work
* The side fins, in the middle of the tank, guarantee an excellent grip if the unit is installed in-floor (refer to relevant manual)

(Can be purchased with or without the pump)


2 Year Warranty

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