Maelstrom Water Tank Filter

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Maelstrom Water Tank Filter

Our revolutionary Maelstrom filters set a new standard in pre-tank rainwater filtering. Filtering multiple pipes at a single point, the Maelstrom’s unique U-shaped filter keeps leaves and debris down to 180 microns out of your rainwater tank. They also significantly increase your water catchment efficiency, even at high flow rates (96% at 10 litres per second in wet systems).

How it works

* Rainwater enters the Maelstrom through either of the horizontal-facing couplings.
* The rainwater then enters the Primary Filter (J). The unique curved filter slows the         velocity of the water by changing the direction of it’s flow.
* Surrounding the Primary Filter is a Secondary Filter (C), comprising of a nylon mesh  bag which filters fine particulates larger than 180 micron. This filter assembly is easily removable and will require periodic maintenance.
*The filtered rainwater then continues to move through the Maelstrom to the Filtered Water Outlet (F) and into the rainwater tank or pipe (if attached).


* Primary Filter: 2mm (0.08") Aperture, Polypropylene
* Secondary Filter: 0.18mm (180µm) Aperture, Nylon
* Mosquito Proof Screen: 0.955mm (0.04") Aperture, SS316
* Inlet & Outlet Pipe Size DN100 (110mm OD) / 4” OD
* Coupling Flexible: EPDM
* Body & Base Plate: ABS, Polypropylene
* Base Plate:  Fits 500mm tank opening, cut to fit 400mm or 300mm tank opening

Performance Data 
Water Catchment Efficiency @ 5L (1.32gal) / second* 99%
Water Catchment Efficiency @ 10L (2.64gal) / second* 96%

Features and Benefits: 

* A single point, tank-top filter with a ground breaking U-shaped design. 
* The 180 micron filter screens particles 5 times smaller than is achieved with a standard tank screen.
* Reduces the hassle of cleaning leaf and debris build-up through Self-flushing.
* Blocks out light that supports algae growth.
* Is a versatile product, able to be installed in a variety of pre-tank locations.
* Reduces frequency and cost of tank cleaning by lowering common sediment build up through cleaner tank water.
* Mounting plate fits 300mm, 400mm and 500mm tank openings, or can be used for mounting in-tank, on wall or in a pit.

Installation Guide  

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