Matrikx CTO 10"x 2.5" Carbon Block Filter 5 Micron

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Matrikx CTO 10"x 2.5" Carbon Block Filter 5 Micron


MATRIKX® revolutionised water filtration when it launched its first activated carbon block in 1996.  In the decades since, MATRIKX®  has  earned a reputation for innovation. Our latest breakthrough is high performance catalytic carbon technology. MATRIKX® is proud to announce the addition of chloramine reduction claims across our standard range of New and Improved MATRIKX® carbon blocks.


* Filter Dimensions: 10" x 2.5"
* For reducing Taste, Odour, Chlorine, Pesticides, THM's, HAA5's and Organics
* Available in 5 micron
* Suits 10 inch Standard Housing
* 100% Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
* Good for low pressure and water tank 

* Taste
* Odour
* Chlorine
* Pesticides
* Organics
* THM's & HAA5's
* VOC reduction

Chlorine & Chemical Removal   Contaminants in Water             Carbon & GAC 

Heavy Metals Removal             Why do we need Water Filters?  Giardia /Cryptosporidium

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