MDP Series- Magnetic Drive

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MDP Series- Magnetic Drive


The MDP Magentic Drive Series pumps are designed and ideal for applications involving salt water as well as corrosive liquids. 

The MDP series has full polypropylene wet end with magnet driven impeller for reliability in difficult applications or for pumping corrosive liquids where normal mechanical seal or shaft would be damaged.


Model Watts (P2) Amps Flow Rate Pumping Height Port Size 
220‑MDP010 5 (15) 0.19 12 LPM 1.8m 14mm OD Tube
220‑MDP020 20 (45) 0.24 27 LPM 3.5m 3/4" 
220‑MDP040 65 (95) 0.52 43 LPM 4.5m 3/4" 
220‑MDP070 150 (210) 1.3 80 LPM  6.5m  1" 
220‑MDP100 260 (365) 1.6 110 LPM  8.5m  1" 


Design and functions

*The housing and impeller is made up of durable polypropylene.
*Can be used in applications which require transfer of water and liquid from one place to another.
*Designed to resist corrosion.


*Reliable and durable.
*Thermal overload protection.
*Liquids that pass through the pump do not leak as it is sealed well enough.
*A single casing of O ring is used to prevent leaking.
*Can be used in inline only.
*Handles large amount of flow and has high lift as well.
*The PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor Start) motors are enclosed by the TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled).
*The pump is completely sealed.

Technical specifications

*Frequency – 50 Hertz
* Voltage – 230v
Max temp-80 degrees


* Aquaculture
* Horticulture
* Air conditioning
* Refrigeration
* Dosing

Please check chemical compatibility with polypropylene before usage.

Warranty – 1 year

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