NRC 10" Nitrate Removal Filter

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NRC 10" Nitrate Removal Filter 


The NRC is a  R/O polishing cartridge constructed totally of FDA grade materials and media. It will remove virtually all of the nitrates, nitrites and sulphates from tap water or R/O product water for approximately 7500 ppm. To determine gallons, divide 7500 ppm by the total ppm of nitrates plus sulphates (as CaCO ) to be removed. The result is the number of gallons that can be treated with complete nitrate/sulphate removal. The NRC is particularly useful as an R/O polisher (since membrane rejection of nitrates can be limited) or in waters containing low sulphates. 

Purolite A -520E is a macroporous strong base anion resin which is specifically designed for the removal of nitrates from water for potable processes. The macroporous matrix and special ion exchange group functionality imparts ideal nitrate selectivity. Typical reduction of nitrate based on 2 litres per minute throughput is 90 - 95%.However terms of lifespan does depend on usage as well as nitrates levels. It is recommended that the filter is changed at least every 4 months for pregnant woman and small children. 


* Size : 10" x 2"
* Pre-Filter : 100 µ
Post-Filter : 20µ
* Media : Purolite A-520E Anion
* Max. flow rate : 2.8 lpm
* Operating pH Range : 5 – 9
Capacity 8,000 milligrams.


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