Oase Pondvac Classic

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Oase Pondvac Classic

The Oase Pondovac Classic Pond Vacuum is a simple and fast way to remove debris and decaying organic matter without having to drain the pond, it sucks up silt and debris as a result you will be left with a clean pond. Particularly in spring and autumn, the pond must be cleared of excessive plant remains and sludge must be vacuumed out in order to maintain the biological balance. This is where an Oase Pondovac is ideal!

PondoVac Classic Pond Vacuum Features

  • Wet and dry vacuum for pond and household.
  • Effective sludge vacuum with powerful 1400 watt motor, maximum suction depth of 6 ft.
  • Automatic activation and emptying through intelligent device control (wastewater discharge allows you to simply dispose of the organic fertilizer into a flower bed or into the sewer).
  • New compact design and built-in handle allow for easy movement and transportation
  • Low noise thanks to the noise reduction unit.
  • With 4 suction nozzles: Crevice nozzle, algae nozzle, flat nozzle with rubber lip and variable special sludge nozzle (2-10mm).
  • Includes 4m suction hose.
  • Includes 2m discharge hose.
  • Product size 365mm x 365mm x 585mm.
  • Comes with a 2-year guarantee with German engineering.
  • Adjustable floor nozzle (2-10 mm) removes pond floor debris without vacuuming up gravel.

The Pondovac Classic will remove loose particles of dirt up to 10mm in size, algae, string algae, sludge, dead vegetation and bits of leaves from the pond by way of suction. The Oase Pondovac Classic Pond Vacuum has a 27-litre tank that is made of impact-resistant plastic and features a unique sludge draining system.

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