Omnipure K2548- Calcite Only Neutralizing Filter

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Omnipure K2548- Calcite Only Neutralizing Filter (2"x 10") 

The K2548 inline calcite filter is one of Omnipure's K series inline filters that easily install directly to your water line and reduce weeping or seepage potential. This filter contains calcite, a crushed and screened white marble media, to neutralize acidic or low pH waters to a safer, less corrosive effluent. 


* Flow Rate: 3.79 lpm
* Maximum water pressure: 125 PSI
* 6 - 12 Month life span 
* Max Water Temp: :2-38°C
* 1/4" Female NPT
* Filter Size: 2x Diameter x 10" Length


*Calcite Water Filters raise the pH of water to a non-corrosive equilibrium
*Neutralizing water reduces leaching of metal plumbing components & copper piping 
* Naturally occurring material
* Low uniformity coefficient for maximum contact
* Slower Reacting for controlled pH correction
* Self-Contained Inline filter design requires no filter housing.
* Point-of-Use: Unobtrusively added to the water source quickly and easily.


* Post Treatment to Home RO Systems
* Point of Use Acid Neutralizer
* Espresso Machines
* Ice Makers and Refrigerators
* Washing Machines

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