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Omnipure - Inline Carbon Filter (Mains Water)

Self Contained Water Filter designed for mains supply water.

The KDF/GAC is a “two-media” cartridge consisting of KDF (high-purity copper-zinc alloy) and GAC (granular activated carbon), providing superior filtration qualities.

Through the electrolytic and oxidation reactions of the KDF and the adsorption and entrapment capabilities of the GAC, the KDF/GAC can remove or greatly reduce a wide range of contaminants through to 30,000 litres.

The KDF media also provides a bacteriostatic effect which is hostile to algae, fungi and bacteria. The OKDF30/1 is also Cyst safe.

This filter can be used in a variety of applications including: underbench filter, watercoolers, beverage dispensers, coffee machines, ice-makers, hydroponics and other uses.

*Flow should not exceed 5 LPM, it is recommended that a Pressure Reduction Valve is installed prior to filter*


2½" Diameter
* 2 Year or 30,000 litres Life Span
Removes Chlorine tastes/odours
* ¼" connection, push fit or threaded
1 micron rated
* 5lpm Max Flow Rate


*Lead (85%)
*Volatile and organic carbons
*Dissolved colour

(Replaces K5567 and EWMTRC1)

Push/Pull Fitting Video

Chlorine & Chemical Removal   Contaminants in Water             Carbon & GAC 

Heavy Metals Removal             Why do we need Water Filters?  Giardia /Cryptosporidium

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