Onga 400 Series - Transfer- Booster Pumps

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Onga 400 Series - Transfer- Booster Pumps

Onga 400 Series-Horizontal, single-stage, surface mounted centrifugal pumps with closed impeller for pumping debris free water. Includes high grade corrosion resistant materials, award winning high flow impeller and Inbuilt thermal overload. Available in four models. 


Model kW HP Flow Rate Pumping Height  Inlet/Out Voltage/Phase Amps
ONGA 413 0.37 .5   140 Lpm  15m Head 25mm 230-Single 2.5
ONGA 414 0.55 .7   210 Lpm  16m Head 32mm   230-Single 2.5
ONGA 415 0.75  1  270 Lpm  24m Head  32mm  230-Single 4.3
ONGA 417 0.75   180 Lpm  26m Head 32mm  230-Single 4.1


* Suitable for pumping clean non-aggressive liquids without solids or fibres in suspension
* Fluid: Water.
* Maximum water temperature: 70°C
* Minimum water temperature: 1°C
* Maximum ambient temperature:55°C
* Maximum working pressure: 410kPa
* In Built Thermal Overload 

Technical Features:

* Casings moulded out of strong ABS, these pumps are built to take on the harshest and most corrosive environments
* High grade corrosion-resistant materials
* IP55
* Insulation Class: B
* RPM-2900
* Frequency-50Hz


* Circulation duty in hydroponic greenhouses
* General, domestic or rural water transfer
* Hose down
* Tank filling
* Hydroponics
* Irrigation
* Garden watering
* High flow water transfer
* Light industrial
* Animal hygiene stations
* Salt water circulator


12 Month Warranty 

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