ONGA Farmmaster O800 Series

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ONGA Jet Farmmaster OJ800 Series: Shallow & Deep Well Pump


Please enquire about injector kits and suitable pressure tanks for this pump

An efficient and realibile cast iron pump. The OJ farmaster-has a bottle shaped casing which allows easy escape for air and aids the pump in priming suction lines. Available in single & three phase options. The pump must be teamed with an injector & housing as well as a pressure tank. The minimum pressure tank size for the OJ800 is a 75 litre tank upwards. 

To make a complete OJ well set you need the pump (either single or three phase), the injector & housing (which includes housing, gasket, jet and venturi) from table below and a pressure tank. Once you work out the head height/ discharge and the suction you can choose from 5 injectors that will work with the pump to get your desired flow rate and pressure. The size of the pressure tank will be determined by the specifications of your application and how much distance you will be pumping. Includes pump & pressure switch/gauge ( injector and housing sold separately) 


* Shallow well lift: 7.6m
* Deep well lift: 49m
* Max Head: 123m
* Max flow: 255lpm

Model Phase kW Voltage Amps
OJ800  Single 2.8 240/480 14/7.0
OJ800  Three 3.0 415 5.5

*Pressure Switch adjustment needed
** Other pressure switch required for extra high pressure switching 

Technical Features: 

* Suitable for pumping clean non-aggressive liquids without solids or fibres in suspension
* Fluid: Water
* Maximum water temperature: 55°C
* Minimum water temperature: 1°C
* Maximum ambient temperature:40°C.


* Domestic, industrial or rural pressure pump for use as a manual or an automatic pressure system
* Stock watering
* Irrigation
* Water transfer.
* Water sources including tanks, bores, dams, creeks and rivers thanks to various injector combinations

2 Year Warranty 


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