ONGA Pantera Pool Pumps

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Onga Pantera Pool Pumps


The Onga Pantera pool pumps have been specifically designed to incorporate features that will provide reliable and efficient pump operation. The new technology wet end design integrates a unique moulded end-shield cover and lip seal protecting the motor from water damage. Designed for pools from 20,000 to 100,000 Litres. Available in 4 models.


* 230-240 Volts
* Single Phase
* Maximum Working Pressure: 295 KPA

Model Wattage Horsepower Litres Per Minute Maximum Pumping Height
PPP550 550W 0.75HP 240LPM 16M Head
PPP750 750W 1.0 HP 320LPM 17M Head
PPP1100 1000W 1.25 HP 400LPM 19M Head
PPP1500 1200W 1.5 HP 400LPM 21M Head

Technical Features: 

* 295 KPA 
* Water Temperature range-5-35 degrees C
* Ambient Temperature- 50 degrees max
* IP Rating- 55
* Insulation Class- F
* Nominal Speed- 2800RPM
* Frequency- 50 hz
* Built in thremal overload
* Fluid-water 
* Maximum Working Pressure: 295 KPA


* Above ground pools
* Pool volumes from 20,000 to 100,000 litres


* Stainless steel motor shaft.
Self-aligning barrel unions – Onga’s unique 5 degrees self-aligning barrel unions make pipe work connection a breeze
* Plastic Yoke and Lip-Seal – The wet end design integrates a moulded end-shield cover and lip seal,protecting the motor from water damage.
* Mechanical Seal – A heavy-duty 3/4″ 316 Stainless Steel mechanical seal (on all models) provides extended life and longer intervals between servicing.


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