Trevoli PC-MA -Automatic Controller

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Trevoli PC-MA -Automatic Controller

The PC-MA Automatic Control combines the latest technology in pump protection with the reliability of an electro mechanical control system. Through electronic design the control prevents constant pump cycling through constant pressure and flow detection. Further incorporating integrated compact design features that support user friendly installation with the provision of a plug and play electrical configuration and features including adjustable starting pressure function and temperature and dry run protection. 


* Inlet/Outlet: 25mm BSP
* Voltage:  220V-240V
* Max Amps: 10A
* Maximum kW: 1.1kW (1.5hp)
* 50Hz
* Pressure Setting" 1.0-2.8 Bar
* Max Working Pressure: 10 Bar
* Minimum Flow: 1.3-2 L/min

* IP65
* Temperature: 0-60 deg C 
* Power Lead: 1.5m with 3 pin plug


* Starting pressure adjustment knob will allow you to adjust cut in pressure range between 1.0-2.8 Bar
* In built temperature protection means that the controller will stop the pump when it exceeds 70 degrees. The LED light will display Temp Failure.
* In built dry run protection will protect the pump when it recognizes there is not water in the pump wet end and stop the pump 8 seconds after. The LED light will display Water Failure.  
* Starts and stops the pump automatically when the tap is open or closed. This means the pump does not need to be turned off manually.
* Maintains a constant pressure from the pump during operation resulting in a reliable water supply.
*Automatically stops the pump in the situation of no flow (due to inlet pump blockage) and will automatically resume normal operation once the blockage is removed.


* Domestic Household
* Submersible High Head Pumps
* Garden and light irrigation
* Tank to tank transfer


1 Year Warranty 

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