Pentax AP Series - Cast Iron Deep Well Bore Pumps

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Pentax AP Series - Cast Iron Deep Well Bore Pumps

AP 150-4/01 (P20), AP 200-2/01 (P30)

The Pentax AP Series are a deep well pump ideal for pumping clean water from wells and bores with the option of 2” and 4” diameter and up to 50m deep.  They are also ideal for long distance pumping, irrigation, gardening, water transfer and household water supply. A non return valve and strainer are required (no supplied) 


Model Flow (LPM)  Head (M) KW HP Amps Phase
AP 150 60 49 1.0 1.5 4.7 Single 
AP 200 60 49 1.5 2.0 10.3 Single 


* Inlet 32mm
* Outlet 25mm 
* Single phase voltage range: 220-240V PSC 
* Insulation: Class F
* Protection: IP44
* Rating: Continuous


* Suction Lift - up to 50 Metres
* 2" & 4" External Ejectors
* Heavy Duty Build
* Cast Iron Body & Motor Bracket
* Ceramic Mechanical Seal
* Stainless Steel Shaft
* Built in thermal overload protection

Operation limitations:

* Liquid temperature range: 0ºc to +50ºc
* Maximum operating pressure: 8bar/116PSI


* Suitable for wells, and bores with 2' and 4' options
* Long distance pumping
* Irrigation
* Gardening
* Water transfer
* Household water supply


* Before operation, a foot valve has to be installed at the foot of the ejector.
* Fill the pump with water once it has been installed and connected up.
* A gate valve must be installed to keep pump primed.
* Minimum pump operating heads must be maintained to ensure correct pump operation.

2 Year Warranty 

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