Pentax AquaDomus - Variable Speed Multistage Pump with Bluetooth/WiFi App Control

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Pentax AquaDomus - Variable Speed Multistage Pump with Bluetooth/WiFi App Control

This pump requires a pressure tank to operate correctly, we recommend an 8L pressure tank

AquaDomus is an integrated ‘Plug & Play’ system to manage water pressurization for domestic and residential applications. 

It consists of a Pentax multistage pump, permanent magnet synchronous motor,  electronic inverter control, expansion tank, non-return valve and a pressure sensor. The electronic control (E-IPFC) manages the operation of the system to maintain the constant pressure even if the conditions of use changes. The Aquadomus only operates when needed, avoiding useless energy waste and extending life of the components connected to the system.

Technical Features:

*Fluid temperature: -5 - +35 °C
*Rated pressure: Max 7 bar
*4 poles: synchronous motor with permanent magnet max speed
*Max speed 4200 RPM.
*Protection grade: IP44 
*Insulation Class: F


*Voltage: 230v
*Power: 0.8kW
*Max Head: 60m
*Max Flow Rate: 90 LPM
*Pressure: 85 PSI
*Inlet/Outlet: 25mm


Adaptable performance: The extreme flexibility of the AquaDomus pressurization unit offers the user an infinite combination of pressures and flows within the working range with a maximum pressure of 6 bar and a flow of 5.4m3/h .

Energy saving: Thanks to the frequency modulation of the inverter, the unit constantly supplies the specific water request, which guarantees substantial energy savings. In addition, AquaDomus is equipped with a power limiter so in its various uses, the pump will never absorb more than 800w.

Easy installation: The compactness of the unit allows the user to install in any domestic application. The dedicated app allows the user to set up and control continuously the units

Performances: Thanks to the frequency control, the pump is able to cover a wide range of performances with flow up to 5.4 m3/h and head up to 6 bar.

Dedicated app: AquaDomus can be driven and controlled by a dedicated app "Pentax IPFC" available for Androids and IOS, allowing the possibility to monitor, protect, programming (even remotely) the AquaDomus , showing all the working parameters online.


*Domestic Household
*Medium-Large Home


2 Year Warranty 


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