Pentax DTR 101

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Pentax DTR 101 G

Pentax DTR101 G is a drainage pump for waste water equipped with a shredder capable of crushing solid and filamentous suspended bodies, present in the collection tank, eliminating the risk of clogging the delivery pipe. The grinder allows to pumps sewage containing textile or filamentous fibres have to be crushed. 


*Single Phase 
*Power: 1200w
*Max Head: 17m
*Max Flow Rate: 220 LPM
*Outlet: 40mm

 Head (M) Liters Per Minute
17 50
12 150
5 220


*Automatic on-off system with float.
*Thermal motor-protector to interrupt the pump supply in the event of over-heating.
*Double sealing system with oil barrier (sic-sic and lip seal)
  (Provides excellent protection to the motor against infiltration)
*Shredder blade made of tempered steel AISI 440C.
*Max Depth Immersion, 5 Meters 
*Liquid Temperature, 0-40 C 
*Insulation Class, F
*Protection Degree IP68    

Motor Features:

*Pump body: Cast iron
*Motor cover: Stainless steel
*Impeller: Brass
*Mechanical seal: Double seal with oil barrier; silicon carbide on pump
* Side sealing-ring on motor side
*Motor shaft: stainless steel AISI 430  
*Grinder: Treated stainless steel
*10m Cable


*Waste Water
*High Head


2 Year Warranty

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