Pentax Hidrotank H1 Electronic Flow Controller

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Pentax Hidrotank H1 Electronic Flow Controller 

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The Pentax Hidrotank H1 Electronic Flow Controller is designed to work in conjunction with electric pumps. The controller will turn the pump on and off when a tap is opened or closed. It works to give optimum control of electric pumps used in various applications. Being an intelligent mix of hydraulic and electronic engineering, the controller maintains both pressure and flow and controls the operation of the pump automatically.

The Hidrotank is unlike other standard pump controllers as it also includes a 0.4 litre pressure tank, which will reduce stops and starts on the pump, ultimately creating more longevity for the pump. The start pressure is also adjustable between 1.0-3.5 Bar. 

Technical Features: 

* Power supply - 230V
* 50/60Hz
* Max 1.5kW/2HP
* Max rated current - 12 A
* Starting pressure range - 1 - 3,5 bar
* Max pressure - 10 bar
* Protection degree - IP65
* Max fluid temperature - 55 °C
* Max ambient temperature - 55 °C
* Inlet/Outlet: 25mm


* Automatic start/stop operation of single-phase electric pumps up to 2 Hp
* Replaces traditional water system set consisting on pressure switch and pressure tank
* Run dry protection
* Starting pressure adjustable during the installation
* Installation in any position-both vertical and horizontal
* Protection from water-hammer
* Built in 0,4 lt. tank
* Built in pressure gauge


* Domestic Household
* Garden and light irrigation
* Tank to tank transfer 


2 year Warranty 

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