Pentax Ultra 7S Series - Stainless Steel Multistage Pumps

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Pentax Ultra 7S Series - Stainless Steel Multistage Pumps

ULTRA 7S-180/4

The Pentax Ultra S range are stainless steel multistage pumps well suited to house and farm water supply. They have a robust fully stainless steel wet end and are very quiet in operation. The Ultra S Series are available in a wide range of models to match your application. They can also cover a wide range of applications such as pumping of clean non-loaded fluids, irrigation, drinking and glycol water, water treatment, heating and air conditioning and washing systems. 

Explanations of Controller Options 


Model Flow (LPM) Head (M) KW HP Phase  Voltage
Ultra 7S-180/4 180 48 1.3 1.8 Single 230
Ultra 7S-250/5T + VSD(*) 180 60 1.85 2.5 Three 230/400
ULTRA 7S-300/6 180 71  2.2 3.0 Single  230

*Inlet 32mm
*Outlet 25mm

(*) Note: U7-250/5T + VSD includes variable speed controller, 5 way tee, pressure gauge and 8L tank. You can purchase the U7-250/5T VSD pump here: 


* Offset suction for improved suction ability (3S & 5S models)
* Liquid temperature: -5 to 35 °C
* Maximum operating pressure:  8.5 bar (125 PSI)
* Enclosure class: IP44
* Insulation class: F
* Duty rating: Continuous
* Totally enclosed, fan cooled standard squirrel frame type motor
* Single phase versions fitted with auto reset internal overload
* Three phase version require user supplied overload to be fitted in installation


Technical Features:

* 304 Stainless steel impellers, Diffusers, Seal plate & Pump casing
* 303 Stainless steel pump shaft
* Mechanical Seal: ceramic-graphite (6 impellers or less)
* Mechanical Seal: graphite-silicon carbide (7 impellers or more)
* Aluminium motor bracket


* House and farm water supply
* Pressure boosting
* Water treatment
* Industrial circulation
* Hot water cleaning systems



2 Year Warranty 


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