PondMAX EVO II Series Pond Pumps

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PondMAX EVO II Series Pond Pumps

The PondMAX EVO II range are a revolutionary new range of water pumps. The PondMAX Evo II Submersible Pumps have been manufactured with advanced technology to provide you with the best quality pump for your pond or water feature. The PondMAX pumps are suitable for use in many different applications, including fountains, water features, aquatic systems, aquarium applications and hydroponics.

  • High performance with very low power consumption
  • Variable frequency motor design
  • Anti burnout and soft start technology
  • Tool-Less Assembly for easy maintenance
  • Marine and freshwater compatible
  • Threaded intake to adapt optional sponge pre-filter.

Models EV1900, EV2900, EV3900 & EV4900 come included with a range of adaptors and fountain kit. These models also include an adjustable flow dial on the front of pump. 9200 model does not offer this feature and does include fountain kit. 


Model Head Flow Rate Wattage Inlet/Outlet Voltage
EV1900 2.4m 30LPM (1800 LPH) 12w 25mm 230v
EV2900 3.4m 50LPM (3000 LPH) 20w 25mm 230v
EV3900 3.8m 66LPM (4000 LPH) 27w 25mm 230v
EV4900 5.0m

76LPM (4900 LPH)

45w 25mm 230v
EV9200 6.0m 155LPM (9300 LPH) 105w 40mm 230v

Head vs Flow per hour: 


* Cable length – 10m
* Fountain Kit included 
* Adjustable Flow Rate 
* Can be submersed or used inline (not self priming)
* Magnetically driven centrifugal pump
* Rated for continuous use, 24/7 operation  
* IP Rating: IPX8
* 50Hz
* Pumps can lay on their side

Model  Dimensions (L x W x H) mm
1200 150 x 74 x 84
1600 170 x 80 x 84
2800 210 x 98 x 110
1900 180 x 120 x 110
1900LV 180 x 75 x 90
2900 225 x 95 x 75
2910LV 185 x 115 x 100
3900 225 x 95 x 75
3900LV 180 x 75 x 90
4900 225 x 95 x 75
4900LV 185 x 115 x 100
9200 230 x 140 x 140 


* Fresh water use
* Aquariums
* Fountains
* Ponds
* Hydroponics
* Irrigation.


2 Year Warranty

Instruction Manual 

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