Portapac Spa Pool Pump and Heater - 550 watt Pump - 1.6 kW Heater (Model - Demand)

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Waterco Portapac Spa Pool Pump and Heater -550 watt Pump-1.6 kW Heater (Model - Demand)


Spa Pool Pump with Integrated Heater. Designed to fit within the surroundings of a portable spa and are supplied with flexible electrical cable and plug for single phase power supply connection. The Portapac (Demand & Demand Elite) is Airswitch controlled (which may be purchased separately). 


* Motor 550W (3.6 Amps)
* Heater 1.6 kW (6.7 Amps)
* Max Amperage 10 Amps
* Max Flowrate 320 L/min (19200 L/H)
* Max head 15M
* Inlet and Outlet diameter: 40 mm
* Operating Temperature-20-40 Degrees 


Installing the Temperature Sensor: 
All Portapac models are supplied complete with a temperature sensor and sensor housing. The temperature sensor / probe are an integral part for the correct operation of this equipment. If the sensor and housing are not installed correctly the Portapac will not function correctly.

Installing the Air Switch

Air Switch Model Portapacs (Demand & Demand Elite) are supplied WITHOUT an Air Switch which may be purchased separately.
(Consider the following for all Air Switches).

1) The Air Switch must be connected to the clear flexible tube supplied with the Portapac.
2) The clear tube must remain free of kinks and blockages.
3) The Air Switch should be no further than 2.8m from the Portapac.

Manuel Operation: 

Demand and Demand Elite Portapac models are controlled by an adjustable thermostat and a four-stage sequential “air switch”. The button for the air switch will most likely be located on the spa coping or timber cabinet. When switched on at the power supply the Portapac will default into Demand Mode. Demand Mode is also the 4th press of the button. Fully depress the “air switch” button and the Portapac will change modes in the following sequence:

Press 1 - STANDBY Mode. Power is supplied to the Portapac but the pump, heater and blower are switched off. The power indicator light will be illuminated on the side of the control box.

Press 2 - PUMP Mode. The Pump is switched on. The heater will automatically switch on whenever the spa temperature drops by approximately 2°C below the preset temperature. The preset temperature is set using the dial on the Portapac control box.

Press 3 - BLOWER Mode. The blower is switched on and the heater is switched off. The pump remains operational. The heater is switched off to compensate for the electrical load drawn by the blower. This is commonly called “load shedding”.

Press 4 - DEMAND Mode. The blower is switched off. When the spa temperature drops by approximately 2°C both the pump and heater will automatically switch on to heat the spa to the preset temperature. The preset temperature is set using the dial on the control box of the Portapac. Demand Mode is best suited for when the spa is not being used. The Demand Cycle will keep the water at the desired temperature 24 hours a day. In some spa pool applications this may be more efficient than warming the water from cold each time the spa is used.


* Suitable for pool with 4 - 6 jets


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