Davies Pump Alarm Box 12/24/230V

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Pump Alarm Box 12/24/230V

The LS Alarm Panels are designed to provide an audio and visual alarm when activated by a separate pump control system input. When the alarm is activated, the Mute button can be pressed once to silence the audio siren and again to turn off the red flashing LED. The alarm can operate with 12VDC, 24VDC or 230V 50/60Hz power supply. It has a N/O volt free contact which can be used to activate the alarm directly from a float or pressure switch or alarm signal input.

Model  Voltage Kit Set 
228-LS1-230 230v N/A
228-LS12-24-230 12V 24V 230V N/A
228-LSKIT 12V 24V 230V YES 

It is supplied in an IP55 enclosure and comes with two cable glands for installing wiring. The Audio siren is 90db at 30cm with rated voltage.

The alarm box can also be supplied as a kit set with 3 pin plug, power lead and 10m change over (NO/NC) float switch to provide tank high or low level warning.

LS1‑230 is the basic alarm with light and audio alarm but only suitable for 230V single phase and without volt free contacts.


2 Year Warranty 

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