Quartz Sleeves

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Quartz Sleeves  

Model Length   Style  Compatible for:
LS-001  330mm Test Tube   UV2A
LS-006  480mm Test Tube  UV6A
GW_GQS-1S/2A  330mm Open ended  Greenway 1S
GW_GQS-5S/6A  502mm Open ended  Greenway 5S
QS-012  885mm Open ended  R-can S12Q-P & SSM-39
QS-410  542mm Test Tube  R-can SPV-08
QS-740  872mm Test Tube  R-can UVSP740 &SPV15
QS-950 1055mm Test Tube SPV-950
QS-UV700 895mm  Test Tube  UV700 
QS-EQS36   Splenvue  S12E & UV12AS. Steriflo 800/900 
TPQS5 470mm Open ended H Series
TPQS6 650mm Open ended  G Series 
GW-GQS-10/20 646mm Test Tube
Greenway GAUV-10s
GW-GQS-15/32 940mm Test Tube Greenway GAV-15s
LUM_RQ600 Luminor LB5-254 Hot Water
TPQS-XL60 600mm Test Tube XL60
QSGPH602804 231mm Test Tube Max B
QSGPH602805 391mm Test Tube Max C & D


Quartz Sleeves can be adapted to be used with other makes & models but require a thicker (brown) O ring 

All sleeves to be checked on receipt, no requests for warrant or credits accepted after 3 days of delivery 



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