Radial Flow Carbon - Jumbo GAC Cartridge 10"

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Radial Flow Carbon - Jumbo GAC Cartridge 10" 

10 and 20 inch available (4.5" width)

Activated Carbon Filtration

The activated carbon filter works by adsorption and physical screening of contaminants. The carbon adsorbs contaminants by collecting organic molecules and other substances on it's porous surface. There are primarily two types of carbon filters used with activated carbon and reverse osmosis systems; granulated activated carbon (GAC) and carbon block. Carbon block filters consist of activated carbon particles fused into a uniform block with enhanced adsorptive capacity and efficiency. GAC filters contain loose granules and are less dense than carbon block filters. Solid carbon block filters can be effective at micro-filtration when designed with a small pore size. Specially designed solid block filters are available and are effective at reducing specific contaminants such as the heavy metals, lead and mercury.


* Granular Activated
* Economic
* Low Pressure Drop


* Taste
* Odour
* Chlorine
* Pesticides
* Organics
* THM's & HAA5's 


Chlorine & Chemical Removal   Contaminants in Water             Carbon & GAC 

Heavy Metals Removal             Why do we need Water Filters?  Giardia /Cryptosporidium

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