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RainAid Valve



Under normal conditions, rain water will the tank. If the rainwater level drops below a pre-set level,
The RainAid® will open to maintain the water level using mains water.
The rainwater tank is used to supply water to non potable oulets such as toilets, laundry and garden.There is a 100mm differential between the open and closed positions of the RainAid® valve.


Features & Benefits:

The RainAid® ("RA20") valve is designed to be connected to a mains water supply on a rainwater retention tank. It will provide a backup supply of water in the event of demand exceeding rain supply


* Inlet ¾" BSP (male) ½" BSP (male)
* Outlet N/A ¼" BSP (male)
* Max inlet pressure 1200 kPa (175psi) 1200 kPa (175psi)
* Min inlet pressure 55 kPa (8psi) 100 kPa (15psi)
* Flow rate See chart below Internally restricted to 2 l/min
* Strainer Integral Filter Watermarked brass Y strainer
* Cold mains pressure water connection.
* Maximum temperature: 60˚C.
* Minimum temperature: 1˚C.
* Supplied with inlet strainer.

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* Certified to Watermark standard AS1910:2004 Lic WMKA 20368
* New Zealand patent. 328862
* New Zealand patent. 535912
* New Zealand patent. 580965 (RA2L)
* Australian patent. 736446
* RSA Patent. 98/8777
* Australian Class II Patent 1025211

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