Replacement Filter Insinkerator F-701R

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Replacement Filter Insinkerator F-701R


The F-701R-2 water filter is a replacement filter for the Insinkerator water system. This water filter is a quality replacement for the F701R (F-701R, EWF-8001A).
The F-701R-2 is an EcoAqua quick-change, triple action water filter which reduces scale, dirt, rust, chlorine, chemicals, bad taste and odours.


* Capacity: 7,600 litres
* Micron Rating: 1 Micron
* Operating Temperature: 0.6-38C
* Operating Pressure: 20-120 psi
* Dimensions: 35mm x 85mm
* Flow Rate: 2.8 lpm
* Filter Life: 12 Months


* F701R
* F-701R
* EWF-8001A
* AP3765S
* Filtrete 3US-AF01


* Reduces scale
* Dirt
* Rust
* Chlorine
* Chemicals
* Bad taste
* Odours

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