Samsung DA29-00012A-2 or EcoAqua EFF-6006A

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Samsung Fridge Filter-DA29-00012A-2 or EFF-6006A

Available in Geuine and Ecoaqua models

Shipping time 2 to 5 days depending on availability 

Can last up to six months  

The DA29-00012A-2 is a great choice of replacement filters for Samsung Quatro-Cooling Convertible (2-door plus 2-drawer) refrigerators. These models use an internal, long skinny filter mounted horizontally in the ceiling of the refrigerator. This fridge water filter cartridge is 5cm in diameter and just over 23cm long (29cm including the snout). 

Suitable for Samsung Refrigerators, this filter is designed to improve the taste of your water, giving you bottled quality water on tap at a fraction of the cost. Fridge water filters also protect the internal workings of your refrigerator from sediment, dirt and scale build up. Changing your filter on a regular basis reduces servicing costs and keeps your ice and water dispenser in optimal working order. The DA29-00012A-2 Fridge Filter is made to the highest drinking water and plumbing standards (ANSI/NSF Standard 42).


The DA29-00012A-2 filter can be used to replace Samsung filter part numbers: DA97-00003B, DA97-03175A-B, or TS48DLUS. The DA29-00012A-2 replaces DA29-00012A and DA29-00012B (when A series filters are out of production, B series are a fine substitute). Also a quality replacement for Stefani fridge filter SGF-DSA21.

Compatible with/ Replaces:

 Samsung RM255 Series refrigerators as well as the Samsung DA29-00012A refrigerator, Samsung DA97-03175A refrigerator, and other compatible models such as the Samsung RM255BARB, Samsung RM255CASB, Samsung RM255LABP, Samsung RM255LARS, Samsung RM255LASH, Samsung QuatroCooling convertible refrigerators, the Samsung DA97-03175-A system, and the Samsung DA97-03175A-B system.  The DA29-00012A filter is also designed for use in fridge model numbers DA97-03175A, DA97-03175A-B or TS48DLUS.


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