Samsung DA29-00020B or Hisimen HFF-1627A

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Samsung Fridge Filter-DA29-00020B or HFF-1627A

Available in genuine and Hisimen (see dropdown menu)

Shipping time 2 to 5 days depending on availability 

Can last up to six months  

The Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus DA29-00020B fits Samsung Refrigerator Models DA-97-08006A-B, and HAF-CIN/EXP for Side by Side and French Door style refrigerators. This genuine Samsung replacement fridge filter is NSF tested.  As well, it's certified to reduce harmful contaminants from your drinking water to provide safer, better tasting  water.  Replacement is easy, with a simple quarter turn filter change.


*Capacity: 1,135 litres
*Filter Micron Rating: .5 microns
*Dimensions: 22.5cm (length) x 5cm (diameter)
*Removes: chlorine, asbestos, atrazine, benzene, lindane, lead, cysts and particulates
*Genuine Samsung replacement filter or Hisimen available
*Simple quarter turn filter change is fast and hassle free  
*Reduces impurities for safer, better tasting drinking water
*Genuine OEM Filter


*97.4% of Chlorine
*98% of Particulates (Class I)
*99.3% of Lead at pH 6.5
*99.3% of Lead at pH 8.5
*94.6% of Atrazine
*96.7% of Benzene
*99% of Asbestos
*99.99% of Cysts
*99% of Lindane
*99.1% of Turbidity
*Does not remove fluoride
*Tested and certified by NSF International against ANSI / NSF Standards 42 and 53


04609101000, 09101, 46-9101, 469101, 9101, DA-97-08006A, DA-97-08006A-B, DA-97-08006B, DA29-00019A, DA29-00020A, DA2900019A, DA2900020A, DA97-08006A-B, HAF-CIN, HAF-CIN-EXP, HAF-CINEXP, HAFCIN, Eco Aqua EFF-6027A, EFF-6027


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