Samsung Fridge Filter DA29-10105J

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Samsung Fridge Filter DA29-10105J, Hisemen HFF-1635A

Available in two types, Samsung (Genuine) and the Hisimen (Equivalent). Select your option in the drop down menu. Samsung followed by Hisimen

The Samsung DA29-10105J/Hisemen HFF-1635A external fridge filter suits all Samsung refrigerators that have an external filter. This refrigerator water filter has push fit connections to suit the standard hose that comes with the Samsung fridges. For refrigerators that use external cartridges installed behind the refrigerator on ¼" tube.

It is recommended to replace the filter every 6 months, or when the "change filter" light comes on.


  • Capacity: 2000 litres
  • Operating Pressure: 30-100psi
  • Operating Temperatures: 1 - 38C
  • Flow Rate: 1.9 lpm
  • Dimensions: 255mm x 50mm

Removes/Reduces: Chlorine, Rust, Dirt, Contaminants and Sediment

This filter replaces:

WSF-100, DA29-10105E, DA2910105E, DA29101015C, DA29-10105C, DA99002588, DA99-002588, EF960, HAEFE/EXP & HAFEX/EXP, HAF-EX/XAA IN1011-2

DA29-10105C, DA29-10105E, K3MFC2010F, HAFEX/EXP, HAFEX/XAA, WSF-100, EF-9603 and the Magic Water Filter. DA29-10105C, GXRTQ, R200, 155083, 18001001, 18001009, 18001010, 25004006, 25004018, 25004022, 25004082, 3010541600, 3019974100, 3650JD8050A, 3890JC2990A, 4210359, 4210508, 4210573, 4378411, 4392945, 497818, 5231JA2003B, 5231JA2010A, LG 5231JA2010B, LG 5231JA2012A, 5303310266, 5303917335, 55616, AP2615841, AP3109540, AP3219862, AP4324927, BL-9808, BL9808, C00114417, CL10RO, DA29-10105E, DA29-10105J, DD-7098, DD7098, EF-9603, EF9603, GXITQ, GXRTO, HAFEX-EXP, IF-30, IF-31, IF-35, IF30, IF30-A, IF30A, IF31, IL-IM-01, ILIM01, IN-1, K2533, K32010CB, K3MFC2010F, R-200, R-400, R0183114, SBS7052-4, SBS70524, USC100, WF283, WIC, WIC-6A, WIC6A, WICS, WPRO, WR97X180, WR97X214, WR97X215, WSF-100, WSF100, WSI-1, WSS-3, WSS3

Fits in Refrigerator Models:

RF221NCTAS8, RF221NCTASG, RS21HDUBP1, RS21HDUPN1, RS21HPUSL1, RS22HUNSL1, RS23HDURS1, RS50N3403BC, RS50N3403SA, RS50N3403WW, RS50N3413BC, RS50N3413S8, RS50N3413SA, RS50N3503BC, RS50N3503S8, RS50N3503SA, RS50N3503SL, RS50N3513BC, RS50N3513S8, RS50N3513SA, RS50N3513SL, RS50N3513WW, RS50N3613S8, RS50N3803BC, RS50N3803SA, RS50N3913BC, RS50N3913SA, RS50N3C13S8, RS65R54011L, RS65R5401M9, RS65R5401SL, RS65R54111L, RS65R54112C, RS65R5411B4, RS65R5411M9, RS65R54412C, RS65R54422C, RS65R5445B4, RS65R5681M9, RS65R5691B4, RS65R5691M9, RS65R5691SL, RS67N8210S9, RS67N8210SL, RS67N8210WW, RS67N8211B1, RS67N8211S9, RS67N8211WW, RS68N8220B1, RS68N8220S9, RS68N8220SL, RS68N8221B1, RS68N8221S9, RS68N8221SL, RS68N8222S9, RS68N8230B1, RS68N8230S9, RS68N8230SL, RS68N8231B1, RS68N8231S9, RS68N8231SL, RS68N8231WW, RS68N8232S9, RS68N8240B1, RS68N8240S9, RS68N8240SL, RS68N8240WW, RS68N8241B1, RS68N8241S9, RS68N8242SL, RS68N8650S9, RS68N8650SL, SRF533DLS, SRS556DLS, SRS580DHLS, SRS583DW, SRS584DP, SRS585HDIS, SRS610HDSS, SRS611DLS, SRS617DW, SRS672DMB, RF221NCTAS8/CO, RF221NCTASG/CO, RF221NCTASG/PE, RS21HDUBP1/XSA, RS21HDUPN1/XSA, RS21HPUSL1/XSA, RS22HUNSL1/XSA, RS23HDURS1/XSA, RS50N3403BC/EF, RS50N3403SA/EE, RS50N3403SA/EF, RS50N3403WW/EE, RS50N3413BC/EU, RS50N3413S8/AZ, RS50N3413S8/BZ, RS50N3413SA/EF, RS50N3413SA/EO, RS50N3503BC/EF, RS50N3503S8/PE, RS50N3503SA/EF, RS50N3503SL/SA, RS50N3513BC/EU, RS50N3513S8/EF, RS50N3513S8/EU, RS50N3513SA/EO, RS50N3513SA/EU, RS50N3513SL/EU, RS50N3513WW/EU, RS50N3613S8/PK, RS50N3803BC/EF, RS50N3803SA/EF, RS50N3903SA/EF, RS50N3903SA/EG, RS50N3913BC/EO, RS50N3913BC/EU, RS50N3913SA/EU, RS50N3C13S8/FA, RS50N3C13S8/GH, RS50N3C13S8/GR, RS50N3C13S8/UT, RS65R54011L/SG, RS65R5401M9/EF, RS65R5401SL/EF, RS65R5401SL/SG, RS65R54111L/CO, RS65R54112C/CO, RS65R54112C/EO, RS65R5411B4/CO, RS65R5411B4/EM, RS65R5411M9/AP, RS65R5411M9/AZ, RS65R5411M9/BZ, RS65R5411M9/CO, RS65R5411M9/ED, RS65R5411M9/EM, RS65R5411M9/FA, RS65R5411M9/SA, RS65R5411M9/ZS, RS65R5435M9/SA, RS65R54412C/EO, RS65R54422C/EO, RS65R5445B4/SA, RS65R5681M9/PE, RS65R5691B4/FA, RS65R5691B4/PE, RS65R5691B4/ST, RS65R5691B4/SV, RS65R5691B4/ZA, RS65R5691M9/AP, RS65R5691M9/AZ, RS65R5691M9/BG, RS65R5691M9/CO, RS65R5691M9/ED, RS65R5691M9/EM, RS65R5691M9/UT, RS65R5691M9/ZS, RS65R5691SL/AE, RS67N8210S9/EF, RS67N8210S9/EU, RS67N8210SL/EF, RS67N8210WW/EF, RS67N8211B1/EF, RS67N8211B1/WS, RS67N8211S9/EF, RS67N8211S9/WS, RS67N8211WW/EF, RS68N8220B1/EF, RS68N8220B1/MA, RS68N8220S9/EF, RS68N8220S9/EU, RS68N8220SL/EU, RS68N8220SL/UA, RS68N8221B1/EF, RS68N8221S9/EF, RS68N8221SL/EF, RS68N8222S9/EF, RS68N8230B1/EU, RS68N8230S9/EF, RS68N8230S9/EU, RS68N8230SL/EU, RS68N8231B1/EF, RS68N8231S9/EF, RS68N8231SL/EF, RS68N8231WW/EF, RS68N8232S9/EF, RS68N8240B1/EF, RS68N8240B1/EU, RS68N8240B1/ZS, RS68N8240S9/EF, RS68N8240S9/EU, RS68N8240SL/EF, RS68N8240SL/EU, RS68N8240WW/EF, RS68N8241B1/EF, RS68N8241S9/EF, RS68N8242SL/EF, RS68N8650S9/EF, RS68N8650SL/EF, RS68N8650SL/TR, RS68N8651S9/EF, RS68N8651S9/WS, RS68N8651SL/EF, RS68N8661S9/EF, RS68N8661SL/EF, RS68N8670B1/CO, RS68N8670B1/EM, RS68N8670B1/ZS, RS68N8670S9/EF, RS68N8670S9/EU, RS68N8670SL/EF, RS68N8670SL/MA, RS68N8670SL/WT, RS68N8671B1/EF, RS68N8671B1/SS, RS68N8671B1/WS, RS68N8671S9/EF, RS68N8671SL/EF, RS68N86F0S9/EF, RS68N8941B1/EF, RS68N8941B1/EU, RS68N8941SL/EF, RS68N8941SL/EU, RS68N8941SL/WS, RS6GN8221B1/EG, RS6GN8221S9/EG, RS6GN8221SL/EG, RS6GN8222S9/EG, RS6GN8231S9/EG, RS6GN8671B1/EG, RS6GN8671SL/EG, RS6JN8210S9/EG, RS6JN8211S9/EG, RSA1UTSL1/XSA, RSH1DKRS1/XSA, RSH1DTIS1/XSA, RSH3DKRS1/XSA, RSH3DKSW1/XSA, RSA1DTPE, RSH1DTBP, RSH1DTIS, RSH1DTMH, RSH1DTPE, RSH1DTSW, RSH1FTIS, RSH1FTPE, RSH1FTSW, RSH3DTMH, RS21DANS1/RAD, RS21DASV1/RAD, RS23DASV1/XSA, SS22WG2/XEG, RSA1UTSL1/XSA, SS20WH2/RAD SS20XS1/XSA, SS20XM1/XSA, RS21DASV1/XSA, RS21DANS1/XSA, SS22WH2/XSA, SS22SP1/XSA, SS22SR2/XSA, RS23DESV1/XSA, RS23DSNS1/XSA, S24ADVSWQN/NEW, SS20XM1/RAD, SS22SP1/RAD, SS22SR1/RAD, RS23DESV1/RAD, RS23DENS1/RAD, RS23DENS1/XSA, S24ADVSWQN/RAD, S24ADVSWQN/XSA, RS21DANS, RS21DASV, RS23DASV, SR-S2229D, SRS565DHLS, SRS580DW, SRS580TKG, SRS582DTKGM, SRS583DW, SRS584DP, SRS614DW, SRS615DP, SRS616DHSS, SRS617DW, SRS618DP, SR-S73DTA, SRS580DHLS, SRS611DLS, RS21DCMS1, RS21DCNS1, RS21DCSV1, RS21FCNS1, RS21FCSV1, RS21FGRS1, S24ADESWQN, S24AHESWQN, SR615DP, SRF527DSIST, SRF527DSLS, SRF579DIS, SRS583HDP, SRS585HDIS, SRS585HDIS, SRS607HDSS, SRS610HDSS, SRS614DW, SRS615DP, SS20SH1, SS20SH2, SS20SP1, SS20WG1, SS20WH1, SS20WH2, SS20WH3, SS20WH5, SS20XA1, SS20XM1, SS20XM2, SS20XS1, SS9OLLOX, SRS580DHLS, SRS565DHLS, SRF579DLS, SRS618DP, RS21DNSV, RS21JCSV, RS21FCSV, RS21DCMS, RS21DCNS, RS21DNNS, RS21JCNS, RS21DPSM, RS21FCNS, RS21FGRS, RS21DLAL, RSH1DBBP, RSH1DTMH, RSH1DTSW, RSH1DBMH, RSH1FBBP, RSH1FBMH, RSH1FTSW, RSH1DBIS, RSH1DEIS, RSH1DTPE, RSH1DBRS, RSH1FBRS, RSH1DLBG, RS21DLMR1, SRS675DLS, srs556dls, RS21DCMS1, RS21DCNS1, RS21DCSV1, RS21FCNS1, RS21FCSV1, RS21FGRS1, SS20SH1, SS8OLLOX, SS20SH2, SS20SP1, SS20WG1, SS20WH1, SS20WH2, SS20WH3, SS20WH5, SS20XA1, SS20XM1, SS20XM2, SS20XS1, S24ADESWQN, S24AHESWQN

Samsung ALL SBS models

RS21HDUBP1 XSA(Version 0000) RS21HDUPN1 XSA(Version 0000)
RS21HDUPN1 XSA(Version 0001) RS21HDUPN1 XSA(Version 0002)
RS21HDUPN1 XSA(Version 0003) RS21HDUPN1 XSA(Version 0004)
RS21HFUSL1 XSA(Version 0000) RS21HPUSL1 XSA(Version 0000)
RS21HPUSL1 XSA(Version 0001) RS21HPUSL1 XSA(Version 0002)
RS21HPUSL1 XSA(Version 0003) RS22HUNSL1 XSA(Version 0000)
RS22HUNSL1 XSA(Version 0001) RS22HUNSL1 XSA(Version 0002)
RS22HUNSL1 XSA(Version 0003) RS23HDURS1 XSA(Version 0000)
RSA1UTSL1 XSA(Version 0000) RSH1DKRS1 XSA(Version 0000)
RSH1DTIS1 XSA(Version 0000) RSH1DTRS1 XSA(Version 0000)
RSH1DTRS1 XSA(Version 0001) RSH3DKRS1 XSA(Version 0000)
RSH3DKSW1 XSA(Version 0000)

RS21HDUBP1XSA(Version 0000) RS21HDUPN1XSA(Version 0000)
RS21HDUPN1XSA(Version 0001) RS21HDUPN1XSA(Version 0002)
RS21HDUPN1XSA(Version 0003) RS21HDUPN1XSA(Version 0004)
RS21HFUSL1XSA(Version 0000) RS21HPUSL1XSA(Version 0000)
RS21HPUSL1XSA(Version 0001) RS21HPUSL1XSA(Version 0002)
RS21HPUSL1XSA(Version 0003) RS22HUNSL1XSA(Version 0000)
RS22HUNSL1XSA(Version 0001) RS22HUNSL1XSA(Version 0002)
RS22HUNSL1XSA(Version 0003) RS23HDURS1XSA(Version 0000)
RSA1UTSL1XSA(Version 0000) RSH1DKRS1XSA(Version 0000)
RSH1DTIS1XSA(Version 0000) RSH1DTRS1XSA(Version 0000)
RSH1DTRS1XSA(Version 0001) RSH3DKRS1XSA(Version 0000)
RSH3DKSW1XSA(Version 0000)

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