Sanisplit Pump Stations

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Sanisplit Pump Stations

A neat, effective and practical solution for pumping away sewage effluent and waste water where gravity fall is not available.

Model & Application:

Model Toilet Vanity Bidet Shower Bath Washing Machine Dishwasher Kitchen
BS1     Y      X    X      X   X                X          X       X
BS2     Y      Y    X      X   X                Y          Y       Y
BS3     Y      Y    Y      Y   Y                Y          Y       Y
BSK2     X      Y    X      X   X                Y          Y       Y
BSK3     X      Y        Y      Y   Y                Y          Y       Y

(X=Not suitable)


* Grinds & discharges toilet, bathroom, laundry and kitchen waste water.
* Fits directly to any standard 100mm P pan or remotely to a maximum of 150mm from  the pan.
* All connecting pipework is concealed, 40mm waste pipe in, 32mm or 40mm out.
* The collection unit can be separated from the motor unit for servicing without having to disconnect the pan or pipework.
* Choice of venting options, internal (standard), or external to atmosphere • Internal non return valve on the discharge line.
* Not suitable for receiving and pumping coffee grinds, women’s sanitary products and bathroom wipes.

(High level alarms available on request)


* Power: 600w 
* Pump Head: 11m
* Max Flow Rate: 270LPM
* Electrical Absorption: 3 Amps
* RPM: 2700
* Max Temperature: 60°C 
* IP55

* 230V


* Suitable for domestic and some light commercial applications

 3 year warranty

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