TREVOLI SD-750 Submersible Pump

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TREVOLI SD-750 Submersible Pump

The SD series of submersible pumps are built for continuous 24 hour operation with a stainless steel exterior and double casing.


* Wattage 750 or 1hp
* Flow Rate: 300 Litres per minute
* Pumping Height: 15 meters max

LPM FLOW @ Head 

1.5m 3m 6m 9m 12m
295 280 240 185 110


* Outlet Size: 2 inch/50mm
* Particle Size: 7mm
* Maximum Depth: 8 meters
* Weight: 15Kg
* Liquid Temperature: 0- 40 Degrees
* Rated Speed: 2900/3450RPM
* Protection Class: IP68
* Dimensions:(L)183mm x (W)183mm x (H)365mm- SD-750


* B Class motor insulation 
* Float switch controls turning pump on and off
* Stainless Steel Double Casing for Water Cools Motor
* Integrated stainless steel outer casing and strainer
* Cutting-edge designed double casing with circumferential liquid flow, which allows continuous full load operation even when not fully submerged.
* Double mechanical seals ensure great durability.


* Industrial use
* Draining floods

SD Series Brochure

2 Year  Warranty 

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