Shurflo 2088 Series- 12v Pressure Pump- Fin Cooled

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Shurflo 2088 Series- 12v Pressure Pump- Fin Cooled 

Ideal for larger duty cycle application, aluminum heat sink motor design dissipates heat buildup effectively. Capacity of 13.6LPM open flow and max pressure of 3bar/45psi. On/Off demand pressure switch, ½” Male ports, Santoprene diaphragm.


Model Volts Max Flow Max PSI/Bar Port Size Amps
235‑2088‑313-145 12v 13.6 45/3.0 1/2"  9.5


PSI BAR LPM Amps 12v
10 0.7 11.7 6.4
20 1.4 10.7 7.6
30 2.1 9.4 8.7
40 2.8 8.1 9.5


* Self-priming up to 3.7m.
* Chemical resistant materials.
* Can run dry without damage.
* Automatic demand.
* Built-in check-valve prevents back flow.
* Heat sink for long duty cycles.


1 Year Warranty 

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