Smart Controller-KG2-2200-(AS)

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Smart Controller-KG2-2200-(AS)

KG2-2200 (AS)

The Smart Controller-KG2-2200 (AS) is ideal for high head applications up to 100 metres. This intelligent controller can replace manual switches as it adapts to the start up pressure required for the application. Features include plug and play operation, controlling pressure fluctuation, self start, anti jamming, water shortage detection and manual mode adjustment. 


* Rated Voltage: 220V-240V
* Max Power: 0-2.2 Kw
* Inlet/Outlet: 1"/ 25mm BSP Thread
* Max Head: 0-100m

Technical Features: 

* Max.Current:1 0A 
* Frequency: 50 HZ
* Protection Grade:IP65
* Max Temperature: 80 Degrees 


1. Pumps can be plugged in and operate without manual pressure setting.
2. Pressure Regulation: The smart controller can adjust its starting pressure.
3. Intelligent Pressure Regulation. Will regulate pressure fluctuation.
4. Ideal for high head applications to suit self-priming pumps, jet pumps, centrifugal pump and deep well pumps.
5. Water Absorption Delay Function- Will test water source for 8 minutes.
6. Run Dry Protection. 
7. Lightning protection.
8. Ideal to run in conjunction with a pressure tank: Buffer against water hammer. 
9. Manual mode prevents frequent start-up of pump if there is a water leak or drip.
10. Anti Jamming.


Start Up & Operation: 

1) Auto/Reset Key
2) Manual Key
3) Timing Key


* High Head Applications
* Submersible High Head Pumps 
* Garden and light irrigation
* Tank to tank transfer

 2 year warranty 

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